We search for people in Greece

Let us help you locate

  • Friends and relatives.
  • People that you have never met.
  • People you lost track of them many years ago.
  • People you want to include in your family tree.
  • People that you met in Greece during your vacation.
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Choose from two different types of searches

  • Conventional Search: For this type of search we use conventional methods. We have a success rate that is about 80% for this type of searches and it costs € 50 in advance (exhange rates calculator), which is not refundable. Our usual methods are:
    • We search the telephone books, in electronic form or the catalogues.
    • Telephone and Fax.
    • Online social networks.
    • We call the relatives or the people with the same last name and the neighbors if we have an address.
    • We call the city records if this is available.
    • We search for an E-mail address.
  • Professional Search: Our professional associates (Private Investigators, Lawyers etc) will use their expertise and find your people with a success rate that is close to 95%. Prior to this type of search will give you an estimate. With the positive results of the search you'll pay as much as the given estimate is.