Cretan Products

Kolympari SAThe olive oils produced by Kolympari S.A. feature a full product identity as well as personal data that are not kept secret but are expressed by a name, a surname, a place of origin and a manufacturer's name. They are olive oils coming from the area of Kolympari.

Garden CenterNikos Xerogiannis invites you to his new web site. Come in and check what is blooming. In a privately-owned exhibition of 10.000 square meters, with a spacious parking area, you 'll find everything: Indoor and outdoor plants, trees, bushes, garden decoration, cacti, hedges, tools, soil, fertilizers.

PapoutsakisPapoutsakis Nursery: Σκοπός του δικτυακού μας τόπου είναι η ενημέρωση των επισκεπτών μας στις εργασίες που κάνουμε εδώ καθώς και των προϊόντων που παράγουμε και διαθέτουμε. Θέλουμε να δείξουμε την μονάδα μας, που παράγει υγειή δενδρίλια, Εσπεριδοειδών, Ελιάς, Αβοκάντο, Μάνγκο και άλλων δένδρων.

PolioudakisΗ εταιρεία ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΠΟΛΙΟΥΔΑΚΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΙΑ Ο.Ε.ιδρύθηκε στις 14/02/1991 με έδρα την περιοχή Σταυρωμένου του Δήμου Αρκαδίου του Ν. Ρεθύμνης με σκοπό την εκμετάλλευση κλειστών θερμοκηπιακών εκτάσεων για την παραγωγή δρεπτών ανθοκομικών προϊόντων.

SpitikoThe bread & pastry shops “Spitiko” were found in 1983 and are involved in producing & marketing bread, confectionery and pastry products. They have a special department for catering any kind of social or business gatherings and parties.


Greek recipesA recipe site that you can easily find recipes from around the world and you can send new recipes for the lot of us that like cooking.