Services is one of the first Internet Service Providers on Crete.
Since 1993 our main work subject is the Internet. We use our long experience along with the latest technology to create the correct site for you and your business.
We use powerful servers for hosting that located on Crete and the USA.
Our services include:

Media services

Radio Station: live streaming  Internet only radio: This is a very popular way to own a Radio Station. There is no need for expensive equipment, antennas and personnel. A good PC, a good music collection, an ADSL connection to the Internet and our expert service are enough for a start. TV live streaming, Event streaming Advertisement

Domain name registration and administration.
We can register and maintain any name with any extension
(.gr, .com, .net, .org, .eu, .us, .info, .tv,  etc or any country specific extension) using our own name servers.

Web page creation.
The best description for this service can be found in this site. Select your category at the menu on the left of this page and examine our clients' sites. Call them if you must. Ask them how their site "made in Grecian" has helped their business.

Site management and hosting.
Our state of the art hosting ensures that your site will always be there. Ensures 99.99% up time. It guarantees that an unlimited number of visitors can view your pages at any time.
Secure Server services.

When it is necessary to have a secure connection for sensitive data our 128 bit encryption kick in. Your sensitive information for credit information or other sensitive data is locked and secured.

Internet advertisement.
Our 'motto' is: It is better to have a good web site with many visitors than a perfect web site that nobody ever visits. With the correct advertising techniques we can promote your site to the millions of Internet users. Check our Banner ads program.

Rent Web space.
For you, the professional or the computer enthusiast that needs web space for your creations, we offer 10 MB to 1000 MB of the same guaranteed 99.99% uptime environment.