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We are members of the Microsoft Windows Media Service Provider program for having demonstrated our ability to provide solutions to capture and deliver digital media content using Windows Media. We are certified by Microsoft. Please check the Microsoft's world directory (only 3 providers in Greece).
Media Services: We can stream your radio station program and reproduce it on the Net. Grecian.Net is playing radio programs on the Net since 1997 - possibly the first from the Greek Net space.

Our services include:

 Radio Station live streaming of an existing radio station or Internet only radio. TV live streaming, Event streaming Advertisement

Prices for streaming live radio
Quality (kilobits per second) 32 64 64 64
Number of simultaneous Listeners 10 40 60 80
Euro per Month 10 40 50 60
Euro per Year 100 400 500 600

"Internet only radio" is a very popular way to own a Radio Station. There is no need for expensive equipment, antennas and personnel. A good PC, a good music collection, an ADSL connection to the Internet and our expert service are enough for a start.

Sample of Internet only Radio 

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Sample of FM Radio Station Playing Live 

Radio Martyria is the FM radio of the Greek Orthodox Church Located at Chania Crete

Sample of prerecorded audio for promotion
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Kriton Erotes - Kriton Pathi - Kritika Sordina