Q: We are interested in your Greek postcode file.
a: OK. Click "Buy the files" on the menu above.

Q: What are the sources for your information?
a: The Greek Post Office

Q: How often do you update your database?
a: As soon as they are are any changes, about every year.

Q: What are the total number of records in the database and how comprehensive is it?
a: For the big cities are 40808 and for the countryside are 13957. It is as simple as it can get.

Q: Could you please tell me how many UNIQUE postcodes you have in your data (not how many records).
a: The codes of the major cities are 393 UNIQUE postcodes and those of the countryside are 834

Q: How long would it take from day of order to receive the data ?
a: Same day

Q: Which is the price for data either in English or in Greek? a: €300 Q: Are there free upgrades with the data? a: Yes.

Q: What is the regularity of sending updates?
a: As soon as they are any changes

Q: Is there any restriction for use of the data?
a: You may publish the data but you may not reproduce them in electronic form and resell them.

Q: Do we need a permission to use the data?
a: No permission needed to use the data.

Q: How many digits are there in the postcodes? Are they 5 digits long?
a: All codes are 5 digit long

Q: Could you please send us a sample of the file, including a bigger city with streets with several postcodes and some villages with an unique postcode. Is it possible to get all columns twice, with Greek and Latin characters
a: Yes. - Please specify the format the you want the sample files to be.

Q: Many thanks for the two samples you sent me.

Q: Are roads with more than one postcode included in your database?
a: Yes there are. Often the same street may have more than one postcode.

Q: Are the Greek postal codes delivered in both Latin and Greek characters.
a: Yes. You may purchase them in Latin OR in Greek

Q: Do they contain street information
a: Yes

Q: For how many cities do they contain street information?
a: They are the ten(10) bigger Greek cities that have unique post codes for their streets. Often the same street may have more than one postcode.

Q: Which are the cities you have the streets ?
a: Athens, Chania, Ioannina, Iraklio, Kavala, Larissa, Patras, Piraeus, Thessalonica, Volos

Q: Is the English data different from the Greek or we can have only one row in the tables with descriptions in English and Greek for the cities and the streets?
 a: The are in a different file.

Q: For having the data in both languages (Latin and Greek) we have to buy 2 different files, does it mean that the price is the double?
a: To have the data in both languages will cost you €100 more (total €400), You may fill out the

Q: Is there a relation between the two different language files, in order to be able to match the files?
a: Yes there is.

Q: We are interested in your Greek postcode file.
a: OK. Click "Buy the files on the menu above.

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