Radio stations in Chania

Media Service Providing: Description of Service

Lonely Oak Internet only Cretan: Eclectic Cretan music Lonely Oak Cretan
Lonely Oak Radio Internet only Rock: Classic Rock Lonely Oak Cretan
D-code 96.2 Alternative, dance, Electronic experimental music
Magic FM 98.2 Selected old and modern Greek, news on the hour
Max FM 100.2 Morning news program, music program the rest of the day
Music Box Radio 106.5
Dance music
Original 94.4 Greek pop
Radio 99.6 99.6 Rock, pop, dance, disco
Radio Entasi 93.5 Technical University of Crete - students' radio
Studio A 102.2 Cretan music
Super FM 89.6
Informative program in cooperation with Real
Gavdos FM 88.8
Diktyo FM 91.5 Eclectic music, entertainment and culture program  
ERA of Crete, Chania 100.6 Informative local public radio station
Eros 105.0 Music radio station with love music
Kriti101.5 101.5 Informative and entertaining radio
Kritikorama FM 93.8 Traditional Cretan music
Notos FM 101.8 Traditional Cretan music
Radio Amore 87.5 Greek 'laika' music
Radio Martyria 95.5 Radio of the Holy Orthodox Metropolitan Cydonia Apokoronou
Radio Rizites 92.4 Traditional music from Crete
Retro FM 105.4
Supersport FM 90.5 Sports station in collaboration with the Athens based radio